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Event Registration Services


Focus on what will make your business and audience grow. We make sure everything goes smoothly with your future event through our unmatched event registration services!

Event Registration Services

Event Registration Services

Organizing big or small events, putting down registrations or bookings, and finding venues, can be stressful when you are multitasking and are not sure what you’re doing. That will never be the case At 247 Call!

If you’re trying to convey a specific message with your event to its attendees you can send a script our way, which will be practiced by our agents every time they pick up a call. In addition, script customization gives you the opportunity to make event registration services much more purposeful in terms of sales. 

Flaunt your brand in 257 call

Flaunt your brand

Invest your time on your event with no distractions, and show your guests what your brand is really all about.

  • You can focus on your event
  • We will pick up your registration calls
  • We will answer your guest questions
  • Woo your customers and flaunt your brand

We have it all figured out!

We have done this before, and we know what we’re doing. Sit back and reap the benefits of our Event Registration Services. We will:  

  • Book your venues, workers and attendees.
  • Answering your guests' questions.
  • Process your payments.
  • Process online registrations.
Event Registration in 247 call
Inbound and Outbound services at your disposal

Inbound and Outbound services at your disposal

We have got you covered in any cases of emergency.

  • Through our registration services we also contact hundreds of guests in any case of event cancelation.
  • If you need to postpone an event, our agents will contact all of your guests to see if the rescheduled date works for all of them.

We would love to hear about your events!

We would love to learn more about the events you are trying to organize. We believe that events are the make it or break it of your brand identity. Thus, we would be honoured  to take care of your outsourced event registration services, and ultimately build your brand and sales together with you.